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A few sample flyers that I’ll be handing out at Megacon on Saturday! These flyers are for our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Chrysalis Corporation Book One of what will be a 6-7 books series. We’re hoping to raise $1500 for production costs to publish our book! Please donate toward the Kickstarter or even help support by sharing the information!!

Even when I get up from the bed, Cleo doesn’t move. Usually as soon as I get up and walk out of the room, she bolts. The only reason she’s tolerating Sasha is because she wants to be near me and petted. Not today though. (Apocalypse!!!)

This is a warning of the apocalypse!! For those who don’t know my kitties, Cleo (looking out the window) and Sasha (the giant lying down one) can’t be on the bed at the same time. Or 10 feet close to one another without fighting. They are currently sleeping within the same space. I’m scared.

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